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Beginner Introduction to Handguns

Basic - This class is for brand new shooters who want to learn how to use their handgun

Duration: 4 hours of lecture and range time



Ryan Coe

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This class is for brand new shooters who want to learn more about how to shoot their handgun. This class should be for shooters who want to just learn the basics and start slow to get the concept of how to hold, fire, and understand their firearm in a slow laid back enviroment.

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Topics Covered

Parts of their handgun
How to work the handgun- i.e. check if its empty, lock the slide to the rear, load and unload it, etc
Stance, grip, sight picture, and other basic fundamentals
Basic Handgun Marksmanship
Clearing Malfunctions

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will walk away more confident in their ability to utilize and work their handgun

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1 extra magazine
Ear and Eye Protecion
150 rounds of ammo