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Women's Beginner Intro to Handgun

Basic - This class is built for women, by women, to focus on the basics in a slow laid back enviroment

Duration: 4 hours of lecture and range time



Ryan Coe

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This class is for women, taught by women, and tailored to women. Women are usually more uncomfortable with firearms if they are not trained and familiar with them. They also usually have a harder time pulling the slide back, loading the magazine, and controlling recoil. We have worked with women to create ways to perform these actions based on their strength level. This class is slow, laid back, and safe while equipping you with the tools you need to be more comfortable and confident! Group discounts apply!

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Topics Covered

Safe Handling
Parts of your handgun
How to clear/work your handgun
Disassembly and reassembly
Basic Handgun fundamentals
Clearing malfunctions
Pistol Marksmanship

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Expectations and Outcomes

A far more comfortable, safe, and empowered female shooter!

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Basic, Women's Only Courses

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1 extra magazine
150 rounds of ammo
Outdoor clothes
Snacks and water
Ear and Eye Protection