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Home Defense- Pistol

This class is for students to learn home defense techniques utlizing a handgun

Duration: 1 hour lecture, 6 hours range time

Fee: $150.00

Type(s): Basic, Intermediate, Scenario Based Training

Instructor: Apex Defense Group LLC - Ryan Coe View Bio

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This class will consist of defensive and offensive home defense/CQB instruction and drills. Students will learn how to defend and clear rooms and hallways while dealing with complexities and scenarios. If students wish, we can incorporate force on force.

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Mag holder
Extra magazine
Ear and Eye Protection
350 rounds of ammo

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Topics Covered

room clearing
securing structures
home defense techniques
shooting from retention
shoot/no shoot targets

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Expectations and Outcomes

A better understanding of how to clear and maneuver through a structure to better defend themselves and their families.

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.