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CQB w/ Force on Force

This class is for shooters who want to learn how to clear rooms and work as a team in confined spaces

Duration: 2 hours classroom, 6 hours rangetime

Fee: $200.00

Type(s): Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

Instructor: Apex Defense Group LLC - Ryan Coe View Bio

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This class will cover aspects of CQB. Students will learn how to overcome obstables found in CQB and operate more smoothly around and in structurs. Students will then test what they have learned against our Opfor using force on force.

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Weapon (handgun or rifle or both)
350 rounds ammo
Ear and Eye Protection
Spare magazines

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Topics Covered

CQB fundamentals
Offensive and Defensive CQB
Room Clearing
Navigating Obstacles
Team movements
Force on Force

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will have a better understanding on how to operate in a close quarters enviroment

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.