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Advanced Patrol Rifle Operator (CLEE Approved)

A course designed to develop a mastery of patrol rifle operations

Duration: 32 hours range time

Fee: $400.00

Type(s): Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Rifle

Instructor: Arena Training Group, LLC - Ronald Warren View Bio target icon


Course is designed to be comprised of either four 8-hour class days or twelve 2-3 hours classes with the intent of making it more accessible for active duty police officers with busy schedules. The course will cover a wide range of topics all necessary to make the student a near-expert with a patrol rifle upon successful completion. The course will conclude with a rigorous "pass or fail" qualification course of fire. Students who successfully pass the course of fire will receive a uniform pin and certificate indicating "successful completion" of the course. Passing the qualification course of fire is not intended to be a requirement for CLEE credit. Students that do not pass the qualification course of fire will receive a certificate of attendance and will have the opportunity to attempt the course of fire at a later time (within one year) in order to successfully complete the course and receive the certificate and uniform pin.

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Documentation Requirements

LE/MIL Identification

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Functional Patrol Rifle (Subject to inspection and instructor approval)
Sling and 3 magazines
Ammunition requirements will vary for each period of instruction; approximately 850 rounds for the entire course.
Semi-Auto Pistol and holster/duty belt/battle belt and mag pouches with 2 mags.
Eye and hearing protection
50 rounds of pistol ammunition

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Topics Covered


Module 1 Intro to Patrol Rifle (3 hours)

- Patrol rifle nomenclature and function overview.

- Zeroing of rifle with optics and open sights.

- Patrol rifle shooting fundamentals (Stance, sight picture, grip, trigger press, etc).

- Sight height over bore offset at close range.

- Emergency and Tactical Reloading

- Basic malfunctions

Module 2 Complex Patrol Rifle Malfunctions (3 hours)

- Safely conducting malfunction drills

- Double-feed and Bolt override drills

- Unknown malfunction drill (AKA: 3- little kittens drill)

Module 3 Patrol Rifle Shooting Positions (3 hours)

- Traditional shooting positions (Kneeling, squatting, sitting, and prone supported and unsupported)

- Unconventional shooting positions (Supine, inverted prone, lateral, etc.)

- Shooting effectively from cover and concealment.

- 9-hole barricade drill 2019 Arena Training Group, LLC

Module 4 Injured Shooter Patrol Rifle Operations 1 (2 hours)

- Commercial Tourniquet application (including self-application).

- One-hand (dominant-hand) patrol rifle controls manipulation and shooting

- One-hand (non-dominant hand) patrol rifle controls manipulation and shooting

- One-hand emergency and tactical reloading

Module 5 Injured Shooter Patrol Rifle Operations 2 (3 hours)

- One-hand basic malfunction clearing (Dominant and non-dominant hand)

- One-hand complex malfunction clearing (Dominant and non-dominant hand)

- "The Stranger Drill" – Tourniquet self-application to arm and complete 9-hole barricade drill (Timed)

Module 6 Intermediate Patrol Rifle Operations (2 hours)

- Engagement of multiple threats.

- Patrol rifle to pistol transitions/Pistol to patrol rifle transitions.

- Shooting on the move.

Module 7 Team and partner movement (3 hours)

- Two-person movement toward target

- Two-person movement away from threat

- Casualty rescue and evacuation using team movement

Module 8 Intro to Precision Shooting 1 (3 hours)

- The importance of training logs

- Rifle and ammunition considerations

- Selecting a stable shooting platform

- Positive target identification

- Precision shooting drills (50 yards)

Module 9 Intro to Precision Shooting 2 (3 hour)

- Precision drills (75 yards)

- Precision drills (100 yards) 2019 Arena Training Group, LLC

Module 10 Low Light Patrol Rifle Operations (Indoor, dry fire only) (3 hours)

- Human eye anatomy and physiology relevant to low-light operations

- Low-light fundamentals and considerations

- Equipment considerations (weapon mounted lights, night sights, flash-hiders, etc)

Module 11 Low Light Patrol Rifle Operations (Live Fire) (2 hours)

- Target identification and challenge command drills without hand lights or weapon lights

- Target identification and engagement with non-mounted lights

- Target identification and engagement with weapon-mounted lights

Module 12 - Final qualification course of fire (Pass/Fail). (2 hours)

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students will have a mastery of patrol rifle operations and be extremely confident and competent in their patrol rifle abilities.
Upon successfully completing the final course of fire, students will be awarded a patrol rifle qualification uniform pin.

Upcoming Classes

Thursday - 4/23/2020

0800-1600 (4 days)

Hillside Rod and Gun Club Range

Blossburg, PA

Instructor: Ronald Warren

Class Size: 5 - 12 Students

12 Spaces Left