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Critical Skills Marksman

Intermediate - Filling the void between basic patrol rifle and Sniper

Duration: 24 hours



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Recognizing that most rural departments may not have a tactical team with a sniper at their disposal, this course is designed to fill the void between the standard patrol rifle operator and the LE Sniper. 
The course focuses on distances to 100 yards with further distances as available by range location. 

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Topics Covered

Policy considerations
Case law
Physical fitness
Weapon, optics, and equipment considerationsBallistics and Zeroing
Scope adjustments
Unconventional (supported and unsupported) shooting positions
Basic range estimation

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will gain a better understanding of law enforcement designated marksman operations, policy considerations, legal issues, and build skills and confidence in precision shooting in law enforcement situations.

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Advanced, Intermediate, Rifle

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