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***Ladies Only*** NC Concealed Carry Handgun

An Opportunity for women to develop the knowledge and ability to legally conceal carry a handgun in the state of North Carolina.

Duration: 8.5 Hours



Rich Runski

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This course is specifically designed for female shooters to feel more comfortable by qualifying with an all-female class. This is more than a basic CCH course! You will experience thorough, hands on training. Expect to leave with the proper skills and knowledge to be successful in the event you will need to use your firearm to protect yourself or a 3rd party. Note: This course is not intended to teach basic shooting skills. Please enroll in personal coaching or the NRA Basic Pistol Course if you need to become more proficient with a handgun first. Cost of this course covers a $10 range fee per student.

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Topics Covered

-Legal Issues - Handgun Safety - Different Types of handguns - Marksmanship Fundamentals - Carrying Concealed Safety Issues - Presentation Techniques - Cleaning and Maintenance - Ammunition

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Expectations and Outcomes

This is the course that the State of North Carolina requires in order for you to submit an application to your local Sheriff for a Concealed Carry Permit.

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Concealed Carry Training, Women's Only Courses

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Be sure to bring the following:  - Rain gear. We will be shooting in the rain if needed. - Appropriate attire for the weather (we will be outside majority of the time) -A billed cap, closed toed shoes and no low cut or loose tops - Ear Pro (I have extra if you need them) - Eye protection - paper and pen - snacks and non- alcoholic beverage - Pistol with holster and at least 30 rounds of ammunition.  (More if you would like to do more live fire) * If you do not currently have a handgun to bring to the course please email me and we will make arrangements. Rental cost is $30. Can be paid with cash, check or venmo.