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Protection Shotgun

Basic - Understand and Tame the most effective close and intermediate range weapon available.

Duration: 8 hours



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Learn about shotguns and practice crucial skills to protect yourself and others.
Each type and brand of shotguns works in slightly different ways.  Learn to run YOURS.
Lecture on shotguns, safety, ammo, and more.
Range practice mount from fighting stance, recoil control, ready positions, shotgun manipulations, buckshot patterning, closet ready condition, and more.
No sling needed.

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Topics Covered

Lecture on everything about defensive shotguns.
Shotgun Safety (its not the same as handguns!)
History, ammunition, utility, myth-busting, and more.
Mechansisms of several different types of pump and semiautomatic shotguns.
Recoil Control.
Loading, Unloading, Showing clear.
Combat loading of the magazine.
Emergency port loading.
Topping off.
Closet-ready set up for home defense.
Buckshot shooting and patterning.
Fun and challenging drills.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Gain and understanding of and comfort with the use, setup, and manipulation of the shotgun for personal defense.  
Recoil control techniques will help you tame the beast.
Learn effective and efficient techniques to all YOU to be able to shoot and hit with your shotgun and keep it running to keep you in the fight if you ever need it to defend yourself or your family.
Come train with us!

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Seminars / Lectures, Shotgun

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Documentation Requirements

Driver's liscence or other U.S. government issued photo ID.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Shotgun: A quality, tube-fed pump or semi-automatic shotgun.  Shotgun should fit the shooter.  We recommend between 12-13" Length of pull (measurement from trigger face to the end of the stock/butt pad) for anyone but large/tall folks. Magpul, Hogue, or youth stocks are ideal and usually on Amazon. We will work with what you bring. Contact us with any questions.  Please do not bring a shotgun with only a pistol grip and no shoulder stock. $25 rental available.

Gun Mounted Ammo Carrier (strongly recommended but not required):  Velcro Shell cards, sidesaddles, or butt cuffs. 

Sling not necessary

Ammunition:   100 rounds of bird shot minimum 
15 rounds of 00 buckshot minimum.  LOW RECOIL ammunition iideal but any buckshot will work for class.  

Clothing Appropriate for the weather: Range is outdoors. Training stops only if weather is dangerous.

Billed cap, Eye protection, Hearing protection (electronic magnified strongly recommended)

Water, Drinks, Snacks, Lunch:  We stay on grounds of range the whole day.

Optional: Bug repellent, Sunblock, Folding chair, cooler, etc.