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P3: Practical Protection Pistol

Intermediate - Next level concealed carry skills and processes.

Duration: 8 hours



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now September 14 Saturday 3 - 8 Students 9am-5pm Keith H Space Available target icon


Next step beyond the essential Protection Pistol Skills for concealed carry.
The concealed draw, combat marksmanship, and gun handling are essential...then what?
More protection Principles, after tune-up on draw and gun handling, we move to basics of movement, orienting to the target, importance and use of ready positions, one handed and off-handed shooting, multiple targets and target transitions, and decision drills and high-accountability shooting.  

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Topics Covered

Classroom Lecture on Practical Protection Pistol Principles
Concealed Draw Refresher
Gun Handling Refresher
Orienting to the Threat
One Handed Shooting
Off-Hand Shooting
Target transitions.
Intra-target, Inter-target.
Decision Drills.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students should expect to finish the day with improved Draw and Gun handling skills. Experience and technique in changing direction to orient to a deadly threat to establish an effective and stable fighting and shooting platform while presenting the handgun from concealment.  Improved technique and experience shooting with strong hand or support hand-only when absolutely necessary.  Work on target transitions, both within an individual target, simulated moving target, or between multiple targets. Students will get to practice this in a range/competition type of situation, as well as working on these same skills using a real-world paradigm taking the surroundings into account.  

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Advanced, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

Please provide some history or preferably documentaion of some previous training in safely drawing from the holster.
U.S. Government issued photo ID is mandatory.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Will need:
Eye protection
Hearing Protection.  Quality electronic ear muffs recommended.
Billed cap (not optional)
A quality handgun.  (class is geared toward semi-automatic pistols, but revolvers are welcome too).
3 magazines minimum.  More is better.
Quality holster (no serpa) which stays open with the handgun removed.  Inside or outside waistband, hip or appendix welcome.  Kydex holsters usually function best for high-repetition class.  Some leather holsters are fine.  Avoid floppy cloth holsters.
1-2 Magazine belt mounted magazine pouches recommended.  Reloading from pocket not recommended but do-able.
At least 250 rounds of range ammunition that works in your handgun.  Factory ammunition strongly recommended.
Concealment garment.
Lunch, Drinks, Snacks, Sunblock, Bug Spray.
Folding chair strongly recomended.