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2 DAY Individual Movement Techniques (IMT) Course

Intermediate - IMT Course

Duration: 2 Days



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OBJECTIVE: Individual Movement Techniques (IMT) is the primary skill set that all individuals should know how to perform in response to a lethal attack against them or other innocent persons. The IMT drills are designed to provide individuals with simple steps to follow under the stress of a lethal attack. The essential goal of the IMT drills is to train individuals how and when to move “bound” from cover to cover while keeping them calm, observant of surroundings, positively identifying and engaging threats, until they illuminate the threat or move out of the kill zone.

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Topics Covered


Basic Review: Safe Rules for Proper Firearm Carry and Handling

Positive Identification of Threats (PID) Targets – “Shoot No Shoot”

Identifying Proper Cover and Bounding from Cover to Cover

Reloads and immediate action while on the move or maintain cover.  

Shoot, Move, and Communicate Drills

Actions on Objective Tactics/Techniques – Advance, Occupy, and Defend.

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Intermediate, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

Driver’s license

Battleline Tactical waiver

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(*denotes required)

*Personal Pistol and Carbine

*AMMO – Pistol 400rds Carbine 400rds

*Eye and Ear Protection (Prescription glasses are fine)

*Water and Snacks are the responsibility of the student.

*Applicable Clothing/Gear for Weather Conditions

Tactical Gear is NOT required but is optional for those that want to train in their personal or issued gear.