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Fundamental Rifle Course

Basic - The fundamental rifle course is designed for the beginner and intermediate shooter

Duration: 6 hours range time



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This course will instruct you on the proper safety and operation of the rifle.  Teaching how to handle your firearm safely and develop a platform for shooting that is tailored to the student.  Firearm safety is our number one priority and this course drives home those principles.  This course will also allow you to learn the basic shooting platforms to allow for an overall knowledge of the operation of your rifle as well as sighting in and maintaining accuracy.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will have a working knowledge of their rifle from sighting in, safe handling and confidence in target aquirement. 

Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

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Basic, Intermediate, Rifle

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Carbine Rifle

500 rounds of ammunition, 3 magazines each and Snap Caps (or dummy ammunition) for malfunction drills.

Tactical Sling (single or two point) designed for your rifle as well a magazine pouch or cargo pants for magazine storage.

Lubrication/Cleaning kit.

ASNI safety glasses as well as hearing protection.