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FL Concealed Weapons Course

Basic - Prerequisite to obtain your license

Duration: 4 hours approx. - 2+ classroom, 2+ range time



Cristian Fernandez

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Se da instruccion en espanol, tambien.

Firearm familiarization and how to manipulate and load/unload your firearm. The student will learn where they can conceal carry their firearm and when they can use lethal force, according to FL Statute 790. The student will also be taught malfunction drills in the event the firearm fails to perform adequately and range time to show proficiency and safety learned in the course.

Range time and additional ammunition costs are not included.

If you already own a firearm, I urge you to bring it to class so that you may train with it. Also if you may have any questions regarding concealment and holsters we may discuss at that time or when the subject matter arises in class.

The price includes instruction, firearm, and 10 rounds of ammunition. A certificate of successful completion will be awarded at the end of the course via email for more secure keeping of records.

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Topics Covered

Areas where one may carry a concealed firearm.

When lethal force would be allowed.

Malfunction drills.

Firearm familiarization: how to load/unload a firearm, how to use the sights on a firearm and trigger control.

Where to go to apply for a CWP.

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Expectations and Outcomes

The student will have basic knowledge of when and where to use a firearm in self-defense of themselves or others. 

The student will also be able to manipulate their weapon safely and be able to fire a round onto their intended target, based on combat accuracy.

At the end of the course, once the student has shown that they are safe and proficient with a handgun, they will recieve a certificate showing that they have completed the NRA Handgun Instruction course, which they will be able to use to apply for a FL Concealed Weapons License.

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Basic, Concealed Carry Training, NRA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Driver's License check to verify minimum age of 21 years old.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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If you own a firearm, please bring it to class, unloaded and secured.