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Bullet Casting

Turn scrap lead into good bullets.

Duration: About 6 hours



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Bullet Casting Class

Learn to turn scrap lead into good useable bullets. I routinely turn out handgun bullets for $20-$35 per thousand.

8AM, this class runs about 6 hours, near Moxee, Yakima, WA area.

We start with a lecture and slideshow covering safety, history, alloys, molds and more.

Then we go hands on with single cavity, double cavity, hollow point, and 4/6 cavity molds.

Followed by gas checking and running a luber/sizer and powder coating.

Back to the classroom for reloading with cast bullets and a review.

The class should run about 6 hours.

Students should bring a lunch and eye protection. Protective gear will be provided, or you can bring your own.  Students should wear work clothes.

Bullet Casting Books

Let me recommend 2 books.

1. From Ingot to Target, by Glen Fryxell, it's a free download, just search the title. 

2. Lyman's Cast Bullet book, available from Amazon and other book sellers.

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Wear work clothes, eye protection and gloves will worn while casting, masks required while powder coating.

Protective gear will be available on site or you may bring your own.