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Basic Handgun Skills - Training at the Range

Basic - Fundamentals of safe handgun shooting for safety and marksmanship development.

Duration: 1 hour range time included in price



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Course fee includes 1 hour of instructor time plus $30 range fee. 

An hour at the range with an experienced instructor who can coach you to improve your handgun skills. You and the instructor will select drills, stages, targets, and distances based on your current skill level and your goals for improvement.

This is a great way to get on the range and improve your skills after a basic handgun course, when returning to shooting after a hiatus, or when considering purchase of a new handgun.

While this is not a formal NRA course, you can use it to complete levels from Pro-Marksman through  Distinguished Expert in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program (MQP).

Options for drills include

Sorry, but holster draw is not allowed at the indoor range at Arkansas Armory
This course is limited to two students in a class.

Two one hour sesssions of this class meets the Step 1 in-person training requirement for USCCA Protector Academy Qualification Level 1
Four one hour sesssions of this class meets the Step 1 in-person training requirement for USCCA Protector Academy Qualification Level 2

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Topics Covered

Basic handgun safety rules (NRA or Jeff Cooper's)
Safety rules on the range.
Fundamentals of handgun shooting:

  1. Grip
  2. Sights (sight alignment & sight picture)
  3. Trigger press
Presentation from a ready position.

Optional: target scoring.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Expect to have fun, be a bit better at shooting than you were an hour earlier, and have suggestions on what to work on in dry fire and range practice on your own.

If you are pursuing either NRA MQP levels or USCCA Qualifiction Levels, the instructor will document your successfully completed stages.

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Basic, Intermediate, NRA Courses, Private Classes (Group / Individual), USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Drivers License, state-issued photo ID,  Permanent Resident Alien I-551green card, or U.S. passport.

Student must show prior completion of basic handgun safety and handling training by presentation of an Arkanas Basic or Enhanced Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL/ECHCL) , (do not e-mail an image of your CHCL or ECHCL)
or alternately,
completion certificate for one of the following courses, e-mailed to the instructor at least 7 days prior to the class:

  • NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting
  • NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation
  • USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals
  • USCCA Basic Handgun Firearms Training
  • USCCA Home Defense Firearms Training
  • OR equivalent formal training in handgun safety and use, acceptable to the instructor.

Sorry, previous formal training with long guns (rifles or shotguns), and "my dad (uncle, grandad) taught me and I've been shooting all my life" or "I'm a veteran with DD214 and learned in the service" do not fulfill this prior training requirement.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Student must provide handgun and ammunition.

  • Handguns can be personally owned or rented from the range.
  • Ammunition must be new factory ammunition in original box; reloaded ammunition is not allowed.
  • Students must bring all guns in a closed bag or case. Hand carry of open, loose guns is strictly forbidden.

For lessons at Arkansas Armory in Sherwood, a USCCA Partner Range
  1. Complete and sign the online Arkansas Armory Range Waiver prior to going to the range.
  2. Students must complete their safety training video and sign their waiver form (#1).
  3. Arkansas Armory has an extensive set of handguns available to rent, and appropriate ammunition for use with them. You may use only ammunition purchased from them in rental guns.
  4. Your fee to DCS Trains includes your range use fee. 

Students must have previously completed formal basic handgun safety and use training. See Documentation Requirements above  for details.

Students must
  • be at least 18 years old, or accompanied by an adult parent or legal guardian who is also a student in the class,*
  • be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident Alien (I-551, green card holder),**
  • not be a prohibited firearm possessor under Federal or state law.**

* A parent or guardian may accompany no more than one minor student. There is a discount for parent & minors training together.

** These are legal requirements and not negotiable.

Note: if you currently have a medical marijuana card, or have had an active card within the past 12 months, you are considered a prohibited firearm possesssor under Federal law, and are not eligible to take this class.
This is the same basis under which the Arkansas State Police deny Concealed Hangun Carry Licenses (CHCL) to current and recent medical marijuana card holders.  

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