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USCCA Range Qualification Level 3

Intermediate - Protector Academy Level 3: A USCCA Certified Instructor prepares you for and administers the Range Qualifications

Duration: 2 hours range time



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Course fee includes 2 hours of instructor time on the range plus $30 range fee. 
ontact the instructor to schedule private or semi-private lesson if current scheduled classes are not convenient.
A certified USCCA Instructor prepares you for and administers the prescribed stages of range drills for Level 3 of USCCA Protector academy. Three sessions of this course meets the 6-hour live fire training requirement for taking the Level 3 range qualification. During a fourth session the instructor will conduct the qualification stages.
The session includes practice with coaching for the drills, but there will be no instruction or coaching during the actual qualification stages. The student may request instruction either before or after performing the stages as part of the instructor time.

If you have already completed the 6 hours of live fire training with another instructor, I will conduct the qualification stages in our first session.

Complete instructions for the qualification stages are at
Qualification Level 3: Range Requirements

Contact the instructor to schedule this class at a more convenient time.

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Topics Covered

Following completion of all stages of fire the instructor and student will review topics relevant to improving the student's performance in future sesssions, and suggestions for further practice in both dry fire and live fire.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon successful scoring of all stages of fire the student will receive a certificate indicating successful completion of the range requirements for USCCA Level 3, as well as photographs of the target with date and signatures. The student has the option to retain the target as evidence of the accomplishment.

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Advanced, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training, Private Classes (Group / Individual), USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Drivers License, state- or federal-issued photo ID, Resident Alien green card (I-551), or U.S. passport.

Completion evidence for the online courses of USCCA Protector Academy Qualifications:
Emergency Preparedness Fundamentals
Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

If you are ready to complete the range qualification stages, completion certificates indicating six hours of in-person live fire range training by a certified instructor. This training does not need to be from DCS Trains.
The USCCA requirements states, "Take a live-fire, six-hour firearms course with a certified firearms instructor." Therefore, the class must be from a single instructor or school, allowing progression in developing the requisite skills at this advanced level. The class can be a single 6 hour session or a series of separate sessions 
Successful completion of a USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 course meets this requirement, but is not required.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Required Gear & Supplies: You will need (1) USCCA DSF Target with 8-inch center chest square and six 3-inch-diameter colored/numbered circles, (1) semi-automatic handgun in any caliber, (2) 50-round boxes of ammunition in the same caliber, (2) magazines and (1) shot timer (either a dedicated shot timer device or a phone app). 

Student must provide handgun and ammunition.

  • Handguns can be personally owned or rented from the range.
  • Ammunition must be new factory ammunition in original box; reloaded ammunition is not allowed.
    • Recommend bringing 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Students must bring all guns in a closed bag or case. Hand carry of open, loose guns is strictly forbidden.

Instructor can provide USCCA DSF targets and will use his shot timer for the drills.
For lessons at Arkansas Armory a USCCA Partner Range 
  1. Complete and sign the online Arkansas Armory Range Waiver prior to going to the range.
  2. Students must complete their safety training video and sign their waiver form (#1).
  3. Arkansas Armory has an extensive set of handguns available to rent, and appropriate ammunition for use with them. You may use only ammunition purchased from them in rental guns.
  4. Your fee to DCS Trains includes your range use fee. 

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