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Armed Response to Active Shooter: Level 1

Basic - Great for church security teams or the individual who wants to learn the skills.

Duration: 1 day (8 hours) of classroom & range



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This course is designed to begin preparing a student to engage an Active Shooter.  You will learn more about the tactics learned from past incidents as well as the proven tactics that we know work to stop the threat.  Training will include basic medical training, gear selection, and hands-on skills development via scenarios.

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Topics Covered

  • Responder Priorities

    • Communication

    • Identification of a shooter

    • Stop the Killing

      • Resistance is successful 94% of the time

      • Neutralize the threat

      • Isolate the threat

        • Control ingress & egress points

      • Distract the threat

        • Communicate with shooter

    • Stop the Dying

    • Evacuate the Wounded

  • Moments of Opportunity / Presentation

  • Angles of Engagement

    • Kneeling

    • Prone

  • Clearing Immediate Area Pre-entry

    • Dealing with threats and non-threats

  • Maintaining 360 degree security

  • Dynamic Entry

  • Engaging Threats

    • Post engagement z scan + rear scan

    • 360 security

    • Securing weapon

    • Securing Subject

    • Maintaining Security

  • Management of Non-threats

  • Secondary Threat Scan

  • Event Response

    • Gathering Intelligence

    • Isolating the Threat

  • Application of Basic Trauma Skills

  • Post Incident / LEO Response

  • Force on Force (FoF) Safety Briefing

  • Force on Target (FoT) Drills

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will learn and reinforce skills through hands-on scenarios and skill development training exercises.  All graduates will receive a certificate of completion.

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Basic, Active Shooter Response Training, Scenario Based Training, Virtual Simulation

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Documentation Requirements

None required.

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  • Students should have at least basic handgun skills
  • Training weapons and supplies will be provided

Do not bring a weapon to the class!