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Preventative Defense

Duration: 8 hours



Sal Franzese

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Just as preventive medicine is a holistic healthcare approach aimed at preventing disease, Preventative Defense (or PreFense®) is a holistic approach to threat management and protection from bad things that happen to good people. Rather than just fighting off threats when they arise, PreFense® teaches average people how to avoid violent confrontations altogether. The system was developed by Steve Tarani of Global Resource Services.

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Topics Covered

This is an interactive workshop that empowers everyday people to protect themselves and their loved ones from real-world threats at home, at school, at work, or while travelling. Using your common sense and good habits, PreFense® teaches you how to:

  • Lower your threat profile, making you significantly less vulnerable
  • Identify and disrupt pre-attack behaviors before they escalate
  • Avoid, mitigate, and even defend against a physical assault using protective concepts
  • Use your environment as an extension of your awareness to manage any threat
  • Recognize the one denominator common to all human predators and leverage it against them

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Expectations and Outcomes

 Students will have a FAR better understanding of the predatory mindset, and how to use that knowledge to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from predators.

Students will recieve a PreFense® certifacation from Global Resource Services

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Active Shooter Response Training, In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures

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Note taking material.
Positive Attitude.