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Next Steps: Concealed Carry Fundamentals

Basic - A class that revolves around how to use a concealed firearm

Duration: 4 hours range time



Clinton Hannah

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This class is designed for the person that has just received or applied for their concealed weapons and firearms license, though it is not a requirement.  The course centers around your holstered and concealed firearm.  Class time will all be on the range and will involve safely drawing your firearm from concealment, firing and reloadeding all while following a structured course of fire designed to improve your skills, show areas of weakness and provide you with a safe foundation providing confidance in your skills.  Though this course is centered around the new gun owner, it will also provide useful information for the intermediate shooter as well.

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Topics Covered

Fundamentals of Marksmenship
Drawing from concealment
Reloading during a course of fire
Multiple target engagement
Malfunction clearing
Safe firearm handling

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion

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Basic, CCW, Other, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures

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Students will need to bring a firearm suitable for concealed carry with at least 2 magazines, 150 rounds of appropriate ammunition and a holster that does not collapse upon draw (NO NYLON or SOFT HOLSTERS).  A magazine pouch is not required but highly encouraged for this class. Students must have closed toe shoes and no low cut shirts.  Eye and ear protection is required on the range at all times. 

Rental firearms and eye and ear protection are available from the range.