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BACKGROUND: Civilian, Former Military, Instructor

18 Years Instructing

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About Geronimo LTC, LLC

Greetings to whomever is reading this, my name is Kyle Dominic Gonzales. Currently I rate a multitude of Texas State Certifications (please finds all industry certs in the certs section) along with being NRA Certified, a USCCA Training Counselor, Gunshot Wound Instructor, Active Shooter Course Instructor and most recently, earning the Texas School Safety aka Guardian Security Program, this program is geared towards teachers, faculty and staff. 

I graduated from Uni of Phoenix in 2017 with my Bachelor's of Science in Business Management Degree, a degree that was well earned since starting the journey back in 2001. Most recently I was one of the 3, DFW Area Managers st Texas Law Shield in North Texas, after spending 3 years with them my time had come to end. I was gaining knowledge, earning the Instructor cert in different firearms courses, when one day came along and I realized it was time I created my own firearms training academy. October 1st, 2018 Geronimo LTC was resurrected and I haven't doubt my decision or looked back since.  

Many years before I have been blessed to end up in the position I'm in. I Honorably did 4 years on Active Duty with 1st BN 5th Marines aboard Camp Pendleton, CA from Oct, 1999 to Sept, 2003 as an Infantryman/Squad Leader. My firearms training amd experience didnt originate here, it actually originated at the age of 8 years as a young shooter. However I do attribute the Corps, for helping mold me into the individual I am today as far as firearms safety, firearms technique, training and education.

So finding my way back into the 2AM Industry, it's been a revitalizing experience for me and everyday is a new day, new lessons learned and the ability to work with some of the best clients out there. I was always if you got into this field, profession you're not into to make Millions. You're going into it because it's your passion, it's a calling and it's not just a mindset, it's a way of life.

Courses Taught

CCW, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Shotgun, NRA Courses, USCCA Courses, USA Carry Courses, Active Shooter Response Training, In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Women's Only Courses, Instructor Training Courses, Virtual Simulation, Seminars / Lectures

Class Instructors

Nick Ratliff

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TX PSB Level 4 PPO, obtained through Texas Handgun Academy, Plano, TX

TX PSB Level 3. Armed Guard, obtained through Mid-cities Training Academy, Bedford, TX

TX DPS LTC Instructor Cert, obtained through the TX DPS Academy in Georgetown, TX

TX PSB Level 3, Armed Guard Instructor, obtained through TX DPS Academy in Georgetown, TX

TX DPS School Safety Instructor Course, obtained TX DPS Academy in Georgetown, TX

NRA Pistol Instructor Certification, obtained through NTX Firearms, Lewisville, TX

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, obtained through Skyraider Arms, Mansfield, TX

USCCA Training Counselor, obtained through USCCA, Reno, NV

USCCA Instructor Certified Firearms Instructor, obtained Point Blank CHL, Wichita Falls, TX

USCCA Home Defense Instructor, obtained through USCCA

Gunshot Wound Instructor Certification, obtained through The Vital Defense Group, Pantego, TX

Active Shooter and Situational Awareness Certification, obtained through The Vital Defense Group, Pantego, TX cancellation policy icon


Cancellation Policy

Please provide 72 hours notice of cancellation if you are unable to make the course, or please find someone to fulfill your seat registration. Your money will be reimbursed 100%, however; if you purchased a course book those are non-refundable items.  

At no time are you to feel like you are being pressured, taken advantage of or made to feel uncomfortable. If so consult someone and you two approach whomever it is your dealing with and explain your concerns. There is always an open door policy with me, see some something, say something.

Reschedule Policy

You may either reschedule for the next class, have your money reimbursed or elect to go with the Instructor/Student one on one course/training time.

Price may vary depending on the course curriculum and total time alotted, overall.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied, I will refund 100% of your money. Once I do that I will guide in the direction to find instructors who are more the style you like and feel comfortable with. With these policies in place, if you still feel your issue was not resolved, I encourage you to contact USCCA's Instructor Only phone line and the rest is between you two. waiver icon video icon