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C.O.R.E Handgun 1


Duration: 6 Hours



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C.O.R.E. Handgun I introduce you to the tactical application of modern handgun defense. This ambitious course focuses on personal safety, handgun manipulation under stress, various shooting positions, and use of cover. 

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Topics Covered

Identify Tactical Mindset.
Identify the Fundamentals of Marksmanship.
Identify Various Types of Firearm Malfunctions.
Demonstrate Proper Immediate Action Techniques.
Demonstrate Reloads.
Demonstrate Tactical Considerations for Threat Engagement.
Demonstrate Scanning and Assessing for Potential Threats.
Demonstrate Multiple Target Engagement.
Demonstrate Shooting Positions.
Identify Cover vs. Concealment.
Demonstrate the Tactical Use of Hard Cover.

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Basic, Intermediate

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Students should have taken a basic handgun course prior, covering the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Handgun with a minimum of 3x magazines
Pistol sights (iron, tritium or optical) optics MUST be zeroed prior to attending course.
Belt type Holster and pistol Magazine Pouches (no cross-draw or small of the back)
Belt (must be able to support handgun, holster and equipment)
Eye Protection
Ear Protection
Range Attire; comfortable and durable
Footwear; durable with lateral support (no open toe or sandals)

250 Rounds min for course