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Defensive Shotgun


Duration: 10 hours



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This is a beginning Defensive Shotgun course. We allow both pump and semi-automatic shotguns.  You can shoot either 20 or 12-gauge.  There are numerous types of ammunition required to take this course,  Students are expected to shoot a purchase their ammunition. There is classroom and range time involved.  Targets will range from 10 feet to 60 yards.  Expect to "pattern" your shotgun first, then we will shoot a significant amount of ammunition in a single day. You will also be taught the MINIMUM requirements for the NRA Basic Shotgun Course. 

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Topics Covered

Patterning your gun
Rules of engagement in Maryland
Initial Load-out
Maintenance of your shotgun
Accessories for your shotgun
Ammunition what's and why's 

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Advanced, Scenario Based Training, Shotgun, Specialty Other

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Documentation Requirements

You must be able to possess and use a firearm in the United States.  

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Shotgun, if you have one
Eye and ear protection
Ammunition, consisting of:
             50 rounds of double-aught (00) 
             25 founds of slug ammunition
             100 rounds of 7.5 bird shot ammunition
Pen/Paper for notes
Closed-toe shoes
Clothing for the appropriate weather
Drinks if you do not prefer water and/or coffee