Maryland Concealed Carry (CCW)


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Oliver Lee

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2 Day Class
Washington, DC
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Students will have a fundamental knowledge of:
The Maryland Firearms Laws pertaining to who
can possess a firearm and who is prohibited from
possessing a firearm.
State and Federal Firearms Laws pertaining to Self
Defense, Defense of Others and Defense of
State and Federal Laws pertaining to the Safe
Storage of Firearms to include home firearm
The Requirements and options for surrendering,
transferring, or otherwise disposing of a firearm
after becoming prohibited from possessing a
firearm under State or Federal Law.

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Expectations and Outcomes

The requirements for reporting a loss or theft of a
firearm to a Law Enforcement Agency as required
by law.
An understanding of the firearms and accessories
which are banned under state and federal law.
The types of firearms that require a special permit
or registration to acquire or possess under state or
federal law.
The law prohibiting the straw purchase of a
The law concerning armed trespass under 6-411 of
the criminal law article.
The locations where a person is prohibited from
possessing a firearm regardless of whether a
person possesses a wear and carry permit.
Handgun (revolver/semi-automatic) nomenclature
and safe operation.
Conflict De-Escalation and Resolution
Dealing with Anger Management issues.
Suicide Prevention.

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Concealed Carry Training, NRA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Government issued ID

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21 years of age.