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NRA Basic Shotgun


Duration: 14 hours (7 hours classroom, 7 hours range time)



Jason MacGregor

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BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (we are purposely driven to make your class as personalized for you as possible, therefore we onnly do small classes - generally 1-4 people at maximum with very rare exceptions given to already proficient groups of people).

Your personal course date is always scheduled on demand, as with all of our classes, in order to provide you with maximum flexibility. Contact us to schedule your course today! A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required at the time of scheduling your class. These classes may be rescheduled one time. I will do my best to accommodate you and your schedule.

This is a simple, straightforward course designed by the National Rifle Association in order to familiarize you with:

  • the basic fundamentals of gun safety;
  • ownership;
  • function;
  • maintenance;
  • ammunition;
  • and shooting activities.

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Topics Covered

  • the basic fundamentals of gun safety;
  • ownership;
  • function;
  • maintenance;
  • ammunition;
  • and shooting activities.

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Expectations and Outcomes

1.  Student will obtain NRA Basic Shotgun Certificate commensurate with successfully passing the written examination and practical shooting exercise.

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Basic, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, NRA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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  1. Come prepared with a lunch if possible, appropriate clothing to be outside for the Range Session, and (non-alcoholic) drinks at your discretion. If we are shooting at an indoor range I will arrange this and advise students accordingly.
  2. Our policy on loaded firearms in the classroom, is that if it shows up in a holster, it must stay in your holster. For Classroom Days: If you want to use a firearm in the classroom portion of the class, an instructor will check to ensure it is unloaded, if you forgot to unload, an instructor will unload it for you to ensure no negligent discharge/s occur. For Range Days: We will be starting the range day unloaded and will only be handling weapons under direction of instructor/s.
  3. Bring note-taking materials (pad, pen, pencil).
  4. Please bring a 3-ring binder, as I have a lot of handouts that are already 3-hole punched for your convenience and augments my instruction to you.
  5. Please bring a method of payment (check, cash, or credit card on-site - if paying by credit 2.75% will be added) unless you prepay - which is preferred, which if you do, please send a check to Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement FCU, 700 West 39th Ave Denver, CO 80216 payable to Jason MacGregor or MacGregor Specialties, LLC. A receipt will be given no later than start of class, once payment is confirmed.
  6. Come with an open mind and plenty of questions! Restrooms or at least places to relieve yourself inconspicuously, safety procedures, and all reasonable accommodations for environmental considerations, bathroom facilities can be expected to be handled.
  7. For NRA Shotgun: Ammunition will be provided. For my (non-NRA) Shotgun Classes: Please bring your shotgun/s (if you already have one) and at least a minimum of 200 rounds (if you don't have a shotgun, please bring at least 100 rounds 12 gauge birdshot, 30 rounds of buckshot, and 20 rounds of slugs. All ammo should be Federal or Winchester factory loaded ammunition for NRA Basic Shotgun - do not bring reloaded ammo unless you are shooting it in your own firearm).