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Intermediate - The Marital Art of Shooting

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John Farquhar

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Defensive Solutions, Premier Shooting & Training Center and Mad Duck Training present
Hojutsu-Ryu, the Art of Shooting
June 21-23, 2019 Cost: $375.00, West Chester, OH
Instructor's: Jeff Hall, Norman Hood & Lt Col (retired) Dave Grossman

Firearms have been with us since about 1100 A.D. Bamboo tubes, wrapped in resin-soaked fibers, gave way to copper, iron, and steel tubes. Ignition systems have progressed from a hot iron pushed through a hole to electronic triggers. Bore diameter has ranged from .17 inches to twenty inches.
The use of firearms has always been a martial art. Martial, or military, usage is the primary reason for the development and improvement of firearms. Sporting uses, such as hunting and competition, naturally followed, but firearms are primarily weapons for combat. When developing the art of Hojutsu, we looked at combat-proven techniques of utilizing firearms.
No other firearms training system can claim the combat effectiveness of the Modern Technique. It is widely used by S.W.A.T. teams from Arizona to Alaska. Statistics show hit averages over 99% by some agencies using this training system; far above the national average of hits by police officers. 23 practitioners (Hojutsu-ka) have shot 21 men, with a documented hit rate of 99.3%; the 13 who shot pistols had 100% accuracy and 100% fatalities. There are other styles of shooting that work well in competition, but none as well in actual fights. Our arena is the street, not the competition range.
Hojutsu is taking the use of firearms and blending it with “traditional” empty hand techniques. The true master will know his weapons intimately. He will know by feel and sound the status of his weapon, and if a problem occurs, he will fix it without thought. He understands that there is no “ultimate” martial art—each has its advantages and its place. He will be able to dominate the confrontation from flat on his back to 300 meters out. The Hojutsu practitioner will never need to worry what to do in confrontation—it will have already happened.
For more information or to register for this seminar call Norm Hood @ 907.952.4788 or email . A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a spot in the class. Don’t miss the chance to train with Grandmaster Hall.
Visit for more information about Soke Hall

Soke Hall has been shooting for almost 50 years and has been a student of firearms combatives for 35 years. He has over 25 years of military and police experience, with a strong emphasis on SWAT. He has also studied traditional arts for 25 years; holding ranks 3rd to 10th Dan in five arts. He is an NRA Distinguished Master, one of 25 Handgun Combat Masters in the world, and Law Enforcement Master Instructor. He is a retired Alaska State Trooper Lieutenant who spent nineteen years on the pistol team and 12 years on the SWAT team; he has used the techniques he teaches in combat. Soke travels across the U.S. and teaches nationally for several professional training associations. He has published numerous articles and has written several training manuals. He is an NRA certified instructor in handgun, shotgun, submachine gun, carbine, and precision rifle.
Soke Hall is the only US police officers to win an air-to-ground firefight against an armed criminal, on 5/19/1984 at Manly Hot Springs, Alaska. The incident was featured on the History Channel’s Sniper: Deadliest Missions.
Soke Hall shot competitively for many years and studied many styles and techniques in developing Hojutsu-Ryu, after finding the military and police training inadequate. However, Soke’s focus on shooting is to survive lethal encounters. While some styles of shooting may do well in competition, Soke prefers what is proven in real combat. Additionally, there should be commonality in all training- the way we fight with empty hands should flow to sticks to knives to handguns, long guns, and back to empty hands. In Hojutsu-Ryu, we believe that “He is Best who trains in the Severest school”- we train hard so we can fight easy.
Soke Hall was inducted into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2005 and into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2007. He was named Grandmaster, promoted to 10th dan, and named “soke”, or founder, of the art of Hojutsu-Ryu.
Soke Hall is currently training for the Four Weapon Combat Master test, and to become the second ever to pass the Handgun Combat Master test with a revolver.

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If you have ever attended LT Col (ret) Dave Grossman's Bulletproof Mind seminar, Perhaps you would like to spend couple of days on the range with him
Contact Norm Hood at

Jeff Hall & Norman Hood are both retired Alaska State Troopers, and both are members of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame,and train citizens & law enforcement throughout the country. For background info checkout

You'll need a firearm, spare magazines & approx 800-1000 rounds of ammo

The Hojutsu seminar this June 21-23. The seminar goes like this, we start at Premier Shooting and Training center in West Chester, they have a large dojo/gym facility. We then shoot at their indoor range for the remainder of Friday. Friday night starting at 1700 Soke will do his “Finish the Fight” lecture immediately following Soke Dave will do his “Sheepdog” lecture. Admission to these two events is included in your Hojutsu seminar fee. Saturday we travel to John Farquhar’s range about 40 minutes north of West Chester. We shoot all day, outdoors at Mad Duck, lunch is included. Sunday we are back at Premier, we split up the group, those who need to shoot go on the range and those who need work on kata go to the dojo. Seminar fee there is the same as here $375. I know it’s a added cost but wanted everyone to have the opportunity to shoot/meet/socialize with LTC Grossman, I have no idea when he will make time again to shoot with us. Contact Norm Hood to sign up at

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Handgun, quality holster 100 rounds of ammo, more magazine the better