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Defensive Pistol - Level 2

Intermediate - Shooting while moving, shooting moving targets, shooting from cover

Duration: 8 hours



Margo Liss

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This is course is a continuation of the Level 1 course with more attention paid to defensive scenarios.  Shooting while moving, shooting moving targets, using cover and concealment, etc.

Level 1 or the equivalent required prerequisites.  Abilities must be approved by the instructor in order to attend.

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Topics Covered

- Fundamentals of marksmanship review
- Combative drawstroke
- Drawing from a holster
- Shooting while moving
- Shooting moving targets
- Cover vs. concealment
- Shooting from cover/concealment
- Tactical reloads
- Primary and Support hand shooting 
- Basic tactical medical

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will further their understanding and practice of defensive shooting, combined with a better understanding of appropriateness of engaging in defensive situations.

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Documentation Requirements

A waiver will be sent to the student upon registration and must be signed prior to the start of class.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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- Pistol of quality manufacture (must be approved by the instructor). 
- Quality holster (no Serpa, Sticky or holsters without retention).
- 500 rounds of ammo, caliber TBD based on conversation with instructor prior to class. 
- Eye and ear protection.
- Closed-toe shoes.
- Range fees.

Additional gear is advised based on range choice and season/weather (indoor/outdoor range, sunscreen, hat, raingear, etc.).  No low-cut tops for women.