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Maryland Wear and Carry

Basic - An opportunity for all to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitude to safely carry a firearm for self defense!

Duration: 16 hrs, includes range time



Zachary Williams

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Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now December 10 Saturday
2 Day Class
5 - 25 Students 9am-6pm Zachary Williams Space Available
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This course will go over Maryland requirements for the handgun qualification license (HQL) as well as the requirements for the wear and carry permit.

Class will start at 9am at the following location:
4845 International Blvd #104, Frederick, MD 21703

Please also review the requirements and the topics while registering.

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Topics Covered

MD HQL & Wear and Carry requirements

Please send me a text or email if you would like to have fingerprints done on site which is an additional fee. Unless you already have your HQL, you will need a set done for each, so one for HQL and one for W/C. They run $63 per set or $126 for both....paid here or directly to the livescan company. We need a minimum of "15 sets" in order to schedule this service so I must know by December 7, 2022 if you intend to get them done on site. 

***If we do not fulfill the minimum 15 set requirement and we have to cancel the service, a refund for the fingerprints will be sent back to you if you pay via this site.***

We will also cover instructions on how to complete the applications to send to the MD State Police.

Application fees are in addition to course fee which go to the state and are as follows: HQL-$50, W/C Permit-$75, fingerprints if done with us ON SITE-$63 per set...if somewhere else, $55-$70 per set. 

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Expectations and Outcomes

You will receive basic firearms safety training as well as the laws governing the wear and carry permit and the handgun qualification license. You will also have received training in the basic fundamentals of shooting a pistol, drawing from a holster and engaging a threat. This course will also provide you with hands on, scenario based training as well as shooting a firearm in a live-fire qualification at the range.

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Basic, CCW, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

Please copy the url below, complete the attached liability waiver, print and bring with you to class. Also, please be sure to include your email and phone number when registering so I can send your documents at the end of the course. Thanks!


The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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If you would like to use your own firearms for course qualification you may do so, however, if it is not calibered in 9mm please bring 50 rounds of ammunition with you for your specific firearm. 

Please wear long sleeve shirts, pants and closed toe shoes for both classroom portion as well as range portions. 

If you would like help completing your application, please create a user account at both of the following websites and bring a laptop with you to class with the login information for each: