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Duration: full day range



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now July 20 Sunday
Wappingers Falls, NY
6 - 14 Students 9:00am - 5:00pm Benjamin DeWalt Space Available
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This class is intended for intermediate level shooters who want to learn the skills to utilize their pistol caliber carbine in a defensive shooting situation. Advanced level shooters will find this class to be an excellent review of their existing skills & experience new drills and techniques. This class is intended to instill in students the mindset and skills to allow them to use their carbine as a defensive tool in a deadly force encounter. Students will come away from this class with a better understanding of their PCC, and a higher level of confidence in their ability to effectively operate and wield it.

It is encouraged to run this class with the gear you would normally have in home defense or self defense situation. LE are encouraged to run this class in your duty gear.



Students should know and be able to perform all aspects of safe firearm handing. Students should be familiar with the basics of shooting (grip, stance, breath control, trigger control, follow through, etc.)

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Topics Covered

Topics for the class will include:

  • • Safety & Medical Brief
  • • Range orientation
  • • Weapon Zeroes
  • • Slings
  • • Loading/Unloading
  • • Reloading
  • • Malfunctions
  • • Gripping the Carbine
  • • Shooting Positions
  • • Mechanical Offset
  • • Close Range Engagements
  • • Multiple Threats
  • • Turning & Shooting
  • • Shooting on the Move
  • • Moving to Cover
  • • Shooting From Cover
  • • Pistol Transitions
  • • Decision Making & Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Rifle

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Class Requirements:

  • • Functional Pistol Caliber (9mm, 45ACP) Carbine with at least 500 rounds of ammunition.
  • • At least 5 carbine magazines (more is better), and the ability to carry them on your person. (please arrive with magazines loaded!)
  • • Eye and Ear protection. Electronic hearing protection is highly recommended.
  • • Appropriate footwear.
  • • Knee pads (Optional, but highly recommended).
  • • Lunch Food/snacks and method of hydration.
  • • Ready-to-learn attitude.
  • • Note pad and pen for taking notes.