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Practical Rifle (AR)

Basic - Get the most out of each round; learn or hone fundament rifle handling and marksmanship skills

Duration: 8 hourse Live-Fire and Open forum Discussion



Robert Mills

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Practical Rifle.  This is a foundational course for safe rifle handling, manipulation and marksmanship.  Learn or refine all the fundamental skills to help you progress into a faster and more accurate tactical or competition shooter.

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Topics Covered

Rifle Handling, Clearing, Loading, and Unloading, Zero Fundamentals (different ranges and which is right for you), Marksmanship Fundamentals, Malfunctions, Reloads, Multiple Target Engagement, Moving and Shooting, Alternate Firing Positions/Barriers, Scored Proficiency Evaluations

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Expectations and Outcomes

You'll walk away from this course with expanded technical knowledge and practical (correct) repetitions of critical handling and marksmanship tasks.  You will be a safer, more competent and more confident shooter.

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Basic, Intermediate, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Rifle

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Documentation Requirements

State Issued Identification

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Customer provides his/her own firearm and ammunition:

250rounds (NO STEEL CORE, “Green Tip”)
Must have eye protection and hearing protection
Must have a functional sling and minimum of 2 magazines and 1 mag holder/pouch
30-45 minutes break, bring your lunch/snacks and water