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Practical Pistol

Basic - Concealed Carry techniques and extensive pistol handling and marksmanship, defensive and situational awareness focus

Duration: 8 hours Live-Fire and Classroom



Robert Mills

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Eight Hour Practical Pistol & Concealed Carry Techniques. Get more value per round by efficiently training critical tasks. This course is designed for practical, realistic application of fundamental firearms skills by average citizens who may, one day, find themselves in a life or death situation.

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Topics Covered

Tasks Covered in detail:  Pistol Fundamentals, Legal Considerations, Shooting Video Analysis, Marksmanship Fundamentals, Draw/Presentation, Reflexive Fire, Practical Safety and Handling, Recoil Management, Intro to Movement

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Expectations and Outcomes

You will complete this course with extreme confidence in your gun handling, safety and marksmanship skills, fully prepared to competently and safely carry everyday, in any environment.

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Basic, Intermediate, CCW, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

State Issued Identification

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Must Have:  Pistol, Functional Holster, Two Magazine Minimum (More is better), Eye Protection, Ear Protection, 120 Rounds Minimum