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Basic - Live fire drills with review of Florida Statutes

Duration: 1 hour classroom lecture, 2 hours live fire drills



Clint Hannah

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With the passing of Florida HB543, Permitless Concealed Carry, we still believe that persons wishing to do so should continue to receive the training and information necessary to safely carry a concealed weapon.  We have completely changed our Concealed Carry course.  Students who opt to take the revised course will receive 1 hour of lecture on relevant Florida firearms law and 2 hours of live fire on the range involving drawing from a holster, reloading, engaging multiple targets and shooting from retention.  Students who choose to take this course are expected to arrive with the ability to safely operate their firearm.  Students who do not posses this proficiency will we removed from the class until they complete a fundamentals of marksmanship class.

Students who complete this class will receive a certificate to apply for a Florida Concealed Weapons and Firearms License.

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Topics Covered

Review of Statutes 776, use of deadly force and 790, Florida firearms laws

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Basic, Concealed Carry Training, Scenario Based Training

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Required Equipment:

  • Handgun suitable for concealed carry with a minimum of 2 magazines
  • 100rds of ammunition
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Strong Side Holster (NO soft holsters that do not maintain their shape for ease of reholstering)
  • Magazine Carrier
  • Closed toe shoes


Nylon or fabric holsters will not be allowed at any time.  Students who arrive with inappropriate holsters will be removed from the class and rescheduled to a later date.