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BACKGROUND: Civilian, Military, Former Military, Former Law Enforcement, Instructor

53 Years Instructing

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I have been shooting competively with the Junior NRA since I was fourteen years old and have won numerous medals and trophies. I have beld a Black Belt in Judo since I was nineteen. I joined the Marine Corps and qualified Expert Rifleman three years running. I also entered the All-Marine Judo Championships and came in 2nd place and had not practiced or worked out for three years while stationed in Karamusel, Turkey. I was then requested to represent the Marine Corps in the United States Championships in San Jose, California. I went further then anyone else in the Marine Corps, reaching the semi-finals. I was ranked 8th in the Nation.
After leaving the Marine Corps I returned to Los Angeles, California and became a Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. I qualified Distinguished Expert with the pistol and held this ranking each month during re-qualification.
I taught shooting and Martial Arts as a Deputy Sheriff. I was involved in the Watts Riots and decided to leave the Sheriff's Department and become a commercial pilot. I am qualified as an Airline Transport Pilot in both fixed wing (Airplanes) and Helicopters. I am qualified in numerous jet airplanes and jet helicopters. I have flown all over the world.
I hold an Federal Firearms License issued by the Alcohol, Tobaco and Firearms Department of the Federal Government. 
I am a NRA certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor. I am also qualified to teach Re-loading Metalic Cartridges and am a Certified Range Officer and Pistol Coach. I also qualify individuals for their CCW.

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