Ohio Concealed Carry Class

Basic - Ohio's best Concealed Carry Class

Duration: 6 hours Classroom, 2 hours range time



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now March 17 Sunday
Marion, OH
3 - 8 Students 9 am till 5 pm Timothy Schoonard Space Available
Register Now April 7 Sunday
Marion, OH
3 - 8 Students 9am to 5pm Timothy Schoonard Space Available
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Concealed Carry Training 

This class meets or exceeds the required training to obtain your Ohio Concealed Carry Permit.  

Eight hour course, Six hours classroom, two hours range time. This class covers Ohio law regarding Concealed carry and self-defense. 

You must be 21 to particapate in this class.   

You have made the decision that you are responsible for you and your family's protection, or you just may be a brand new gun owner. This is where you start. In this course, we start with the very basics of handgun knowledge to lay a firm, grounded foundation on which to build all other handgun training upon. If you are a little hesitant with firearms, this course will help you break the ice. This course exceeds all of the training requirements, required by Ohio Law, to apply for and receive your Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL).  Deposits for the class is non-refundable.  Changing dates of class is possible but limited to availablity of those dates.  We do not provide ammo for the class.  Ammo requried is 100 rounds mininum. IF you are not able to find the ammo required you will need to reschedule the class. 

If you are a felon or have a violent misdermeanor you can not participate in this class. It is not the responsibility of the instructors to determine if you are legally allowed to take this class,  or to guarantee to pass and obtain a concealed carry permit. 

Class sizes lower than 3 people may be rescheulded without warning.  Deposit is required. Failure to show up to a scheduled class may  lead to forfiture of seat and fees paid. You may reschedule your class for a later date. Students needing to reschedule will be put into the next available class. 

This is the right Course for you!

Thank you 

Tim Schoonard


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Topics Covered

This course covers
Ohio law
Basic pistol safety 
Fundamentals of shooting 
Nomenclature of firearms 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon completion,students will have obtained the ability to apply for their Ohio concealed carry permits. Instructions for this process will be given in the class 

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Basic, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training, NRA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Please bring a valid photo ID

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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100 rounds of ammo is recommended more if you desire 
Eye and ear protection is required 
Closed toed are required