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Pistol Fundamentals

Basic - A short 2 hour class to cover the basics of pistol shooting.

Duration: 2 hours



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This class is for:

  • Beginners who have never held or shot a pistol.

  • Youth 13 to 20 years old accompanied by parent.

  • First time pistol owners.

  • The person who has shot a little but is still not comfortable with a handgun.

  • Those who plan on taking the Texas LTC class and need to learn to shoot or just sharpen their marksmanship. (If you are going to take our LTC class this can count for the shooting proficiency portion of the LTC class).


Class sizes are limited to 5 students or less to allow for a more personal experience.

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Topics Covered

The first part of the class will be in the classroom covering:

  • Your firearm and range safety.

  • Identifying the basic parts of your pistol.

  • Safe loading and unloading of your pistol.

  • Shooting fundamentals including grip and sight alignment.?

Then we will move to the outdoor range for shooting drills.

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Expectations and Outcomes

When you have completed this class:

  • You will be more comfortable handling and shooting your pistol.
  • You will have sharpened skills you may have already had.
  • And if you are signed up for our LTC class we will complete your shooting proficiency portion of the test.

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What you need to bring:

  • A semi-automatic pistol or revolver in good and safe working order UNLOADED AND IN A CASE. NO AMMUNITION IN CLASSROOM!

  • 100 rounds of new commercial ammunition in correct caliber for your gun. (No reloads)

  • If ammo is a problem we have 22cal guns to rent with 50 rounds of ammo available for an additional $20.00. Additional ammo avalible for $5.00 per 50 rounds.
  • Baseball cap recommended.

  • Safety/shooting glasses and hearing/ear protection.

  • Foot wear that covers the entire foot. No sandals or open toe shoes.

  • No low cut tops or blouses. Hot brass will burn.