Tactical Pistol Course Training Session

Training session for students wanting to pass F.A.M. qualification course

Duration: 2 hours



John Falldorf

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Training session for those students wishing to pass the F.A.M. (Federal Air Marshall) firearms qualification course.  Students will need their EDC firearm with a holster and one magazine / speed loader for a reload.  They will also need eye, hearing protection, 100 rounds of practice ammo, and a baseball cap.  The seven various stages of the qualification course will be practiced along with a timed course of fire.

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Topics Covered

Firearms safety.
Techniques on how to safely draw and holster an EDC firearm.
Instruction will be given on how to reload and shoot from a kneeling position (resting on both knees down).
All 7 stages of the F.A.M. qualification course will be practiced and timed.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will be able to safely practice the F.A.M. course of fire.  They will understand the various stages of fire, cold shot and shot time requirements.   Tactical Pistol Course training certificates will be handed out to students who complete the course.

Students can also schedule for the actual qualification course test.  Thirty rounds and 7 stages make up the course of fire...the test CANNOT be taken on the same day as the training session. Students passing the F.A.M. qualification course are considered to be among the top one-percent of pistol shooters in the world.  (THIS IS NOT AN EASY COURSE OF FIRE!) Students who pass the qualification course test will be issued certificates of their top one percent status. 

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Students must bring their Every Day Carry (EDC) firearm, 100 rounds of practice ammo, eye and hearing protection, holster, 1 magazine / speed loader for a reload, and a baseball cap.