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Sweet Power - Ladies Only Group!

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Kara Romine

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After months of planning we are ready to kickoff SWEET POWER! Sweet Power is a new ladies group right here in Bartlesville! I, Kara Romine, am so excited to be leading this group on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Crossing 2nd from 6PM-8PM.

Around 2010 or so I began to develop a passion to share my knowledge & experiences with other women. Since that time & mostly over the last decade, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to educate, equip & empower ladies with the safe & effective use of firearms all over the nation. While this will be a non-shooting group, there’s so much more than solely relying on a tool of last resort.

Sweet Power is based off our SPHERICAL CONCEPT of avoidance & awareness. We will be offering a vast array of educational topics to teach members to, not only survive a violent encounter, but to avoid one altogether. Tools & techniques that you can use immediately to better protect yourself & those you love.

Membership will be required, however, your 1st meeting is FREE! So please accept this invitation, share with your friends, co-workers & neighbors to come & check it out!

In addition, feel free to reach out to me via messenger, text or phone call to 918-718-4478 or email to sweetshotfirearms@icloud.com.

We are greatly looking forward to this new venture! Thank you to Sharon & Don at Crossing 2nd for giving us this amazing opportunity!

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Topics Covered

September 21st - Human Trafficking

Many of you have seen the movie Sound of Freedom Movie, and had your eyes opened for maybe the first time on the truth of human trafficking. It's shocking, it's horrific, it's REAL & it's here in Oklahoma. I couldn't think of better way to kickoff SWEET POWER, than to invite my good friend & expert in human trafficking, Thomas Rourke. Thomas is a D.O.J. Liaison for Counter Human Trafficking Task Forces. He has 6 years serving in the United States Army Infantry, with 3 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition he has spent 5 years working as a contractor in numerous high risk areas overseas as well as working stateside, 5 years working in Counter Human Trafficking Task Forces, as well as, an instructor Federally.
TRUST ME! You don't want to miss this! Absolutely astonishing information! 

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In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures, Women's Only Courses

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Membership is required, however your 1st meeting is FREE! 

Membership will be $75.00/6 months ($10.00 processing fee)