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HOSTED: Deliberate Coaching

Intermediate - The art of teaching is a calling to help people become the best versions of themselves. The question is, how do we become the best coaches possible?

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Brian Hill

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Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now October 25 Friday
3 Day Class
Cottageville, SC
6 - 12 Students 9am-6pm Brian Hill Space Available
Register Now February 21 Friday
3 Day Class
Fort Worth, TX
8 - 16 Students 9am-6pm Brian Hill Space Available
Register Now March 19 Wednesday
3 Day Class
San Jose, CA
8 - 16 Students 9am-6pm Brian Hill Space Available target icon


The Complete Combatant's Certified Deliberate Coaching Instructor program will be 3 challenging days like no other instructor program out there because Brian will be sharing over forty years of coaching and instructor development. This chosen path has given him a unique insight and experience over a broad range of training philosophies. 

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The art of teaching is a calling to help people become the best versions of themselves. The question is, how do we become the best coaches possible?
Coaching requires a multi-discipline approach applying diagnostic skills, cognitive interviewing, understanding the decisional process, predictive analysis, and adapting to the clients' unique needs.

Deliberate Coaching will cover physiological, psychological, and technical aspects of client development. Identifying and understanding the shooters learning style and more importantly, their blind spots. Predictive analysis through posture, speech, body language, and goal setting. Adaptive drill development with measurable results. Curriculum development through deliberate practice and focused methodologies. Understanding of biology under stress and how to enhance performance.

You WILL have the opportunity earn the TOP COACH AWARD and to measure, refine and perform the 4 scored drills and earn Ant Rank patches.
You have the passion for teaching, now develop the mastery on how to best help your clients.
Brian Hill

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Gear List

  • 3 Day Deliberate Coaching is expected to be very popular to host and will probably one of our most popular classes offered at home. 
  •  This class is called Deliberate Coaching. It IS an Instructor Course but non-instructors will benefit greatly from these 3 days. Don't forget that your first student is YOU and YOU ARE MOST WELCOME TO ATTEND.
  • About a week prior to class you will receive a confirmation and a private page called "Take Advantage". This page is for registered guests of Deliberate Coaching
  • Please coinsider working on The Complete Combatant's 4 scored drills. Measure. Refine. Perform. 
  • Interested in hosting? Contact us
  • Visit SCHEDULE for confirmed dates and locations?
  • 9am-6pm each day
  • $719 per person
  • $575 DC return alumni 
  • We charge a $20 CASH per day "range/facility" fee at our home range in Dahlonega. We will collect this when you finish registration the morning of class.
  • You will register/pay for courses online. Keep the receipt, payment is your first confirmation.  Your second and official confirmation from me will arrive via email about a week prior to class (check your SPAM). Please arrive to class 30 minutes early to complete waivers and registration.??
  • Why the Top Coach Award?
    The Deliberate Coaching class is first and foremost a coaching class, although shooting well is important. This award will be earn by your ability to make adaptive corrections to quickly improve the shooter, to be a transparent coach with a positive attitude, to be a leader yet have the ability to be a follower and to be patient, ask questions and do your best to improve YOU and your students during class. Brian will watch, listen, and interview students to build a decision. Top Coach is the highest award in class keeping the focus being the best Coach possible.

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Gear List:

  • You will be taking notes! HK has donated beautiful journals just for this purpose. We will supply pens as well.
  • Pistol w/holster (strong side, inside, outside waistband or appendix is fine).
  • Don't forget your LockedIn Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk
  • Both IRON sights and RED DOT sights are welcome in this class
  • Holsters that collapse (leather, soft, etc.) when drawn will NOT be allowed on our range. NO SERPA HOLSTERS will be allowed on our range. THIS IS WHY!
  • Please make note that if you show up with any of the above, we will ask you to CHANGE so you can comply with our range rules. If you do not have a back up gun then you can CHANGE to a HK VP9 and a strong side Kydex holster that we will provide free of charge. Ammo not included
  • Duty belt/rig is APPROVED
  • You can BORROW a HK VP9 with iron sights or RENT a H&K VP9 with a Holosun pistol optic aka a Red Dot. We have red and green available.  Holster available.?
  • Concealment garment required
  • 1000 rounds of factory loaded ammunition
  • Magazine pouches/carriers
  • Don't forget your LockedIn Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk.
  • A sturdy belt for the holster and magazine pouches (try your gear on prior to class)
  • Extra magazines: Double Stack x 3 mags and Single stack x 4 or more mags
  • Eye & ear protection (foam inserts or muffs – electronic muffs recommended)
  • "Back up” gun if you got it. If not, we will have a HK VP9 waiting for you to use?
  • Proper OUTDOOR weather attire
  • Hat with bill.... this is WHY!
  • Sunblock and bug spray (as needed)
  • $20 cash per day range fee
  • 1 Gallon of hydration and a sack lunch (30 minute lunch) per day?