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FL CCW In-Person Training Course $100

Basic - $100 total; $10 Registration and $90 due at the course

Duration: 4 hours classroom

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There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.

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$100 Course; $10 paid now for registration and $90 at course

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This course will certify you to apply for an FL Concealed Carry Weapon License. This is the only Florida State Certified course authorized for online training; you still have to come in for qualification and certificate.

Learn the laws of Concealed Carry in a friendly, comfortable, and fun environment. Unlike other courses in the area, we focus more on the laws and responsibilities of concealed carry. This is a basic course, those interested should know how to properly load a magazine, load magazine into weapon, and fire the handgun at a target at 7 yards. If you require a course on Handgun Training to complement your CCW course, we can help you with our Handgun 1 course.

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Topics Covered

  • Firearms Safety
  • Laws governing the use of force
  • FL State Statue 776.013
  • Definition of Self Defense
  • Forcible Felonies
  • Warning Shots
  • Defense of Property
  • Defense of Others
  • CCW Requirements / Application / Restrictions / Exceptions
  • Traffic Stops
  • Lawyers

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Expectations and Outcomes

This course is up to 4 hours of instruction through the USCCA.

Students will receive certification to apply for an FL Concealed Carry Weapons License upon successful completion of the course.

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Basic, Concealed Carry Training, In Home Defense Training, NRA Courses, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge), Seminars / Lectures, Specialty Other, USCCA Courses, Women's Only Courses

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Documentation Requirements

If you want to do the online training course instead click here

When you register for the course, please put your full name as it appears on your driver's license because FL Dept of Agriculture is kicking certificates for not having a complete name now. (They are starting to be picky for some reason)

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Must be 21 to apply for a CCW license. However, you do not have to be 21 to take the course and get certified. The certificate never expires.

We provide everything you need, materials, instruction, weapon, ammo, and qualification.