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Handgun Evaluation

Basic - If you want to skip the basic classes, this course will place you in the right course to start

Duration: 3 hours



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There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.

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Some shooters are not beginners but would like to take courses with us. We don't allow anyone to skip courses. However, there are some who may not need to start from the beginning. We would like to give these people the chance to show us their skill set and skip Handgun 1,2 and/or 3. Depending on your skills we can place you in the appropriate course. Since this is an evaluation we will not be teaching you any new skills but rather testing you on our curriculum. 

$260 evaluation fee - $25 deposit due now

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Topics Covered

We will test you out starting with Handgun 1 and working through the courses till we determine your expertise. 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Placement in the Firearms Academy Program.

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, NRA Courses, Scenario Based Training, USCCA Courses

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Bring at least 300 rounds of FMJ 
Safety gear and equipment