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Weapon retention is arguably one of the most important firearms and defensive tactics, especially when it comes to close-quarters fights. There is absolutely nothing worse than losing your weapon mid-incident, and it could cost someone their life. It will limit your ability to defend yourself and your principal, and there’s a much higher risk of someone using your weapon against you. One of the easiest weapon retention techniques involves grabbing the top of your muzzle with your off-hand while you’re drawing. By taking your own gun, the potential attacker will find it almost impossible to get a grip on your weapon. Also, this tactic allows you to use both arms, and move your weapon toward the attacker, which in turn, will give you more power. But keep in mind that you will only be able to shoot once while holding your gun this way. That’s why it’s best to back up this tactic with some hand-to-hand combat. For example, if the shot hasn’t incapacitated the attacker, you can deliver multiple blows with your elbows. There are a ton of weapon disarming techniques and countless courses that will teach you how to do it. But if you’re working on a tight budget, you can even check out an instructional video on YouTube on disarming. The most important thing to know about weapon disarming is that you can use different techniques depending on what you’re trying to achieve. If you work hard enough, you might get on Victor Marx’s level one day, and learn how to disarm someone. In our course we will go over maintaining control of your weapon and disarming someone with one. Along with other techniques such as arm bars, take downs and knife fighting. We will be using SIRT pistols, holsters and Shocknife (taser like knife).

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Combatives / Less Lethal, Specialty Other

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Class is open to all skill levels. No prior training requirement. 

This course will be at a mat room. You will be on the ground and wrestling with another person. Males will be with males and females with other females. Unless the females want to put the males in some pain. (Joking) Bring extra socks, wear comfortable clothes, bring holster and SIRT pistol if you have one. Bring water.

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