Concealed Carry Permit

Basic - Obtain your Conceal Carry Handgun Permit. Learn the NC Concealed Carry Handgun Law as it applies to the right of the citizen to carry a concealed handgun. To teach and apply the fundamentals of safety and the basic marksmanship fundamentals.

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Larry Norfleet

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Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now January 13 Saturday
Greensboro, NC
4 - 18 Students 0900 - 1700 (9am -5pm) Larry Norfleet Space Available
Register Now January 25 Thursday
Greensboro, NC
4 - 18 Students 0900 - 1700 (9am - 5pm) Larry Norfleet Space Available
Register Now February 10 Saturday
Greensboro, NC
4 - 18 Students 9am -- 5pm Larry Norfleet Space Available target icon


While there are many reasons to carry a firearm.  Carrying a firearm comes the obligation to do so safely and responsibly.  It comes with the responsibility to get training on how to use the firearm effectively, efficiently, and safely.  Without this training the benefits of carrying a firearm are diminished or non-existent.  On the other hand, the benefits of carrying a firearm can be magnified with quality training and practice.  Taking our concealed carry class is a great start, but don't stop there.

Continue to get training and knowledge to increase your confidence, safe handling, and skill with your firearm.

Train2Protect offers a variety of shooting courses.

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Topics Covered

A. Legal Stuff
B Handgun Safety
C. Handguns
D. Marksmanship Fundamentals
E. Carrying Concealed Safety Issues
F. Presentation Techniques
G. Cleaning and Maintenance
H Ammunition
I. Proficiency Drills

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Expectations and Outcomes

End of Train2Protect eight hour Concealed Carry Permit course will verify each student is competent with a handgun and knowledgeable about the laws governing carrying of a concealed handgun and the use of deadly force.

Each student will be provided a course certificate to present to their local sheriff to complete the process to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit.

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, CCW, Private Classes (Group / Individual), Women's Only Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Instructor will provide all required items for class room completion. 
No Firearms permitted in classroom

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Range time is an additional twenty-five ($25.00) paid directly to the Gun Range.