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Home Defense/Low Light Pistol


Duration: Eight Hours Range Time



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This course is for experienced, proficient shooters only who have taken the Level I Pistol or equivalent course. It includes reinforcement of Tactical Pistol fundamentals (shooting from the draw and on the move, multiple targets, extreme target transitions, strong and support hand shooting), and transitions to realistic scenarios of clearing your home with an armed intruder  in the shoot house under day light, low light and darkness (shoot/no shoot targets) and using handheld or mounted flashlights.  *Limited enrollment*. Helmet and plate carrier vest can be provided if required. 

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Topics Covered

Course objectives:

  1. Student will have understanding of fundamentals of marksmanship.
  2. Student will complete 700 Aggregate pistol course.
  3. Student will understand the draw from concealment and open carry and be able to deliver one well aimed shot, followed by multiple killing shots.
  4. Student will understand the different flashlight techniques both supported and unsupported and how to transition to and from both.
  5. Student will understand the draw and fire from concealment and open carry in low light environments and be able to deliver one well aimed shot followed by multiple killing shots.
  6. Student will understand how to transition to multiple targets in both light and low light environments to include extreme transitions.
  7. Student will understand the advantages and disadvantages to multiple search techniques while engaging single and multiple targets in both single and multiple rooms

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Advanced, In Home Defense Training

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  • Strong knowledge and understanding of pistol marksmanship fundamentals and firearms safety including drawing from the holster, loading/unloading; clearing malfunctions. *Must have completed the TRC 8hr Level I Pistol, or equivalent course.
Firearms Requirements (Student provided):

  • Semi-automatic Pistol
  • 3 magazines; at least 2 magazine holders; IWB or OWB holster; pistol mounted light or handheld light.
Ammo requirements (Student furnished): 300 rounds of pistol ammo

Individual Equipment (Student furnished):

  • Water / Snacks.
  • Hat and gloves.
  • Sun Screen (non-greasy or water resistant recommended).
  • Seasonal range clothing appropriate for moving and shooting
  • Insect repellent.
  • Eye and ear protection.