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One Day Wind Reading


Duration: Three Hours Classroom and Eight Hours Range Time



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This 1-day course is designed for shooters who want to learn how to read the wind. This class is appropriate for Snipers, Precision Rifle Shooters, CMP/NRA (Over-the Course, Sling/F-Class Mid and Long Range) Competitive Shooters and hunters who  want to engage targets/game beyond 300 yds utilizing a bolt action or semi-automatic rifle equipped with iron sights or scope. The classroom portion, consisting of approximately 2 hours, will cover effects of wind, use of mirage, wind flags/other wind indicators to determine wind direction and speed, how to determine bullet wind drift, how to adjust sights, shooting in various wind conditions and importance of rifle accuracy. The remaining ~ 5-6 hours range portion will be 600 yd live fire practical exercises utilizing the techniques discussed during the classroom instruction.

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Topics Covered

Enabling Objectives:

• Understand the effects of wind.
• Use mirage, flags and other wind indicators (grass/trees/smoke etc.) to determine bullet wind drift.
• Use target dimensions and wind conditions to determine and make sight adjustment to make first round hits.
• Understand what to look for on a range/in the field prior to shooting.

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Advanced, Rifle

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• Experience shooting high power rifles and understanding of firearms safety.

Firearms Requirements (Student provided):

• Rifles: Military Service Rifle/Civilian equivalent (M16/AR15, M14/M1A, M1 Grand, M110/SR25/AR10, M24/Remington 700/40X), other similar bolt action rifles .223 up to 30-06. Note: No magnum calibers.
• Sights: Standard Service Rifle Sights, match rifle sights, scope (10-25X power).
• System: Rifle system must be able to hold groups of 2 MOA or less.
• Note: Rifles will be supported in some manner (sandbag, bipod, front rest of your choice).

Ammo requirements (Student furnished): Minimum of 50 rounds of match grade hand loaded or commercial ammo (same manufacture, type and weight – preferably of same lot number).