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AR-15 for Home and Civil Defense

Basic - Carbine 1

Duration: 5 hours includes classroom and range instruction



Jim Gregg

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The AR-15 for Home and Civil Defense:  This is an entry-level course into the basics of the AR 15 / M4 style rifle.  This 5-hour class will cover fundamental operation, safety, care, cleaning, storage, loading, and basic shooting techniques. The use of optics, sighting devices, and illuminators will also be covered.  .223/5.56 and 22LR welcome. This course does not cover AK style, So COM, GSG or any other weapon system.  Student shall provide weapon, two magazines and 150 rounds. The course includes range time and targets.

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Topics Covered

  • Universal Safety Rules
  • How the AR platform works
  • .223/5.56 Cartridges: Types and Ballistics
  • Fundamentals of Shooting: 4 points of contact
  • Dry Practice / Mag charging and loading
  • Shooting drills / slow fire single shot
  • Shooting drills / rapid fire
  • Shooting drills / multiple threats
  • Shooting drills / reloading
  • Shooting from other positions: kneeling, barricade etc
  • How to equip and accessorize
  • Questions and Answers

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will understand the universal safety rules applicable to the AR-15.  They will show proficiency with loading, unloading and clearing malfunctions of the weapon.  They will exposed to common shooting techniques and positions.  The student will gain confidence in the rifle's capability for home and civil defense as well as how to properly equip a rifle for specific tasks.

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Basic, In Home Defense Training, Rifle, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Must be a PA, OH, MD or WV resident.  Persons not to possess or handle firearms are prohibited from this training.
Proof of residency and age required at the time of class.  No refunds for disqualified persons.

Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not admitted.

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Must be at least 18 or 14 and upwith a paid parent/guardian.

A modern sporting rifle such as the M4, AR-15, Tavor or Ruger Ranch Rifle or similar is needed.  Pistols with similar configuration chambered in .223/5.56 are permitted, along with SBR's and similar.  Suppressed weapons are permitted.  22LR AR-15 style rifles are permitted.  All rifles must be equipped with iron sights but an optic is recommended.  Slings for all guns are recommended.  150 rounds of factory new (no reloads) ammo is needed for this course.