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Defensive Handgun I

Intermediate - Gunfighting Fundamentals

Duration: 2 hrs Range Time



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Defensive Handgun I is the first of seven modules designed to develop confident, effective and safe armed citizens who can defend themselves and their families. These are advanced classes requiring excellent safety habits and moderate shooting skills.

DH I focuses on the most important skill of winning a gunfight, delivering repeated accurate and quick shots on target. Other skills addressed are:

• Keeping the gun working and loaded in a gunfight.
• Assessing and dealing with determined threats.
• Achieving multiple hits, quickly.
• Identifying additional threats.

All training is conducted using home invasion scenarios to induce stress and realism.

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Topics Covered

Skills addressed:

• Keeping the gun working and loaded in a gunfight.
• Achieving multiple hits, quickly.
• Assessing and dealing with determined threats.
• Identifying additional threats.

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Expectations and Outcomes

The student is introduced to the most important gunfight winning skill, getting good hits quickly. Aimed pairs, keeping the gun loaded, clearing malfunctions and assessing a self-defense situation are also introduced.

These basic building blocks are essential in a self-defense gunfight.

Students recieve a participation or graduation certificate depending on standards met.

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Intermediate, CCW, Classes offered in SPANISH, In Home Defense Training, Private Classes (Group / Individual)

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Documentation Requirements

This is not a beginner class. Students must have excellent safety habits, be able to hit a sheet of paper consistently at 5 yards and know how to operate a handgun.

Training accepted - W2TF Defensive Handgun Essentials, NRA Basic Pistol/Equivalent or Personal Assessment.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Eye/Ear pro is provided. This series is best taken with your personal defensive handgun and requires 100 rounds. Electronic hearing protection is highly recommended.

Gun rental and ammunition available on request and for a small fee. Email InstructorWR@W2TF.us otherwise.

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