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Duration: 4hrs



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NJ CCW         
This coures will satified all of the requirements according to NJ's right to carry a concealed firearm. "CCARE" this course is not good for one who Seeks to be a security officer, do to its lack of low training hours. 

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Topics Covered

Pistol Safety and Storge                                                   
Ammo info                              
Firearms Handling 
load and unload
holster drawing
use of force for civilians

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will receive more than 3 certifications after fully completing training

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Concealed Carry Training, NRA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

State drivers license, State Id, school Id, Passport or any government issue Id card that can identify such person.  

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Students most bring thier own firearms, in a fasten bag, container or locked case that can secure the pistol. please do not leave firearms unattend in vehicles. ammo should remain the such persons car and pistol should accompany the student into the training academy and wait for further instructions.50rds of ammo is needed for practice and qualifying. students should have conceal carry holsters, however one can still participate in the training without and will inquire one at time of course or later.