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Gino Giliotti

BACKGROUND: Civilian, Instructor, First Responder (Fire / EMS)

9 Years Instructing

PH: 267 312 3416

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Carbine Foundation
Build a strong foundation in carbine sho…
Basic, Intermediate, Rifle, Private Classes (Group / Individual) Basic
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Carbine Performance
Learn techniques based on a principled a…
Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Private Classes (Group / Individual) Intermediate
Next class: Apr 27
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Carbine Proficiency
Develop more realistic defensive carbine…
Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Private Classes (Group / Individual) Intermediate
Next class: Apr 19
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Pistol Foundation
Build a strong foundation in pistol shoo…
Basic, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training, Private Classes (Group / Individual) Basic
Next class: May 3
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Pistol Performance
Learn techniques to master grip and visi…
Intermediate, Advanced, Concealed Carry Training, Private Classes (Group / Individual) Intermediate
Next class: Apr 25
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Pistol Proficiency
Develop defensive pistol shooting and gu…
Intermediate, Advanced, Concealed Carry Training, Private Classes (Group / Individual) Intermediate
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Private Group Firearms Training
Offered every Tuesday, this 4-hour priva…
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Private Classes (Group / Individual) Basic
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Private Individual Firearms Training
Offered every Wednesday, this 4-hour pri…
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Private Classes (Group / Individual) Basic target icon

About 1ST IN

Practical, real-world self-defense capabilities for pistol and carbine

Evidence-based pistol and carbine training designed to drive accelerated performance. Training is delivered in a one-day format with a curriculum that focuses on the essential concepts and skills you need to run your gun with confidence. Classes are geared to all levels, from newer shooters who have a basic understanding of fundamentals, to more experienced shooters who’d like to refine and improve their skills. You’ll build on-demand performance through drills that develop and pressure test speed, accuracy, distance, and movement with your gun. You’ll learn stressors that hinder progress, test your gear and engage in problem-solving drills. Your results will be measurable.

Courses of fire are tailored to the skill level of the shooter and are focused on real world civilian application. For performance and defensive utility, many drills are run from a shot timer to induce stress and get you acclimated to working under time constraints.

Classes are capped at five students for individualized feedback and coaching. You’ll be engaged throughout the day. We train outdoors, year-round, for a distinctive and motivating firearms training experience in a natural environment for maximum benefit.

Gino Giliotti, Owner & Instructor

As a dedicated instructor and student, I practice, train and compete to ensure continual improvement in my performance, maximizing my efforts and putting my skills to the test. Then I pass along learnings to my students, sharing the most relevant, current and effective shooting techniques available.

My firearms training includes Rangemaster Certified Advanced Pistol Instructor and Rangemaster Certified Pistol Instructor under Tom Givens; NRA Certified Instructor in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun, and a Range Safety Officer. I’m an active USPSA competitor in the Carry Optics division. I am also TECC certified.

Over the past 10+ years I’ve also completed various levels of combative and performance based courses in Carbine, Pistol, Shotgun, Concealed Carry, Small Unit Tactics, CQB Tactics, Force on Force and USPSA, under some of the top instructors in the industry.

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  • Pistol Foundation
  • Pistol Proficiency
  • Pistol Performance
  • Carbine Foundation
  • Carbine Proficiency 
  • Carbine Performance
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Courses Taught

Concealed Carry Training, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Active Shooter Response Training, In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Private Classes (Group / Individual) certification icon


  • Rangemaster Certified Advanced Pistol Instructor
  • Rangemaster Certified Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Certified Instructor in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • TECC Certified cancellation policy icon


Cancellation Policy

All sales are final. 1ST IN does not issue refunds. In the event you are unable to attend a scheduled class, you must provide 48 hours notice and you will receive a credit to reschedule another class at a later date. Credit can be used at any time. waiver icon


You will be required to sign a waiver prior to your class.

You can download and review prior to your class: 1ST IN Waiver question icon

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to class? 

Each class has a gear list which is provided on the class page. Remember to wear weather-appropriate clothing, bring water, snacks, lunch, any medications you may need, bug spray, suntan lotion, a baseball cap, and wear close toed shoes.

Do you need to have a concealed carry permit?

No, you do not need a concealed carry permit to attend a class. 

Are your classes physically strenuous?

Certain drills are strenuous, but I adapt drills to ensure each student is able to participate regardless of fitness level. Keep in mind, you’ll be on your feet the entire day, in the sun, so staying hydrated is critical.

Is there an age requirement?

Students must be 18 years or older. If under 18, student must be accompanied by a parent with proof of identification for both student and parent. If under the age of 18, parent must first contact me to discuss student goals. 

What experience level do I need to be at to attend?

Coming with an open mind and a desire to train is all you need to attend. I run classes for brand new gun owners to those who are more experienced. 

What if I don’t have an item on the gear list?

Email me to let me know what you don’t have and we can discuss requirements. 

Are your classes indoors or outdoors?

All classes are held outdoors at the Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club, a gun club and outdoor range located at 1855 Russel Road, Lebanon, PA, serving Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas. Visit for directions.

What if it rains?

We train outdoors in all weather. Classes are only paused until lightning storms pass. 

What is recommended clothing for class?

Close toed shoes and durable pants or shorts are required. A head covering like a baseball cap and weather-appropriate clothing is recommended. Sweat pants are not permitted.

Do you rent guns?

No, I do not rent guns.

Do you sell ammunition for your class?

No, I do not sell ammunition, but I can assist or direct you to affordable ammunition distributors.

How large are your classes?

Open enrollment classes are capped at five students to maximize individual attention, accelerate development, technical skill and mindset. Private training for groups may accommodate larger class sizes.

Do you offer private instruction?

Yes, private training in both pistol and carbine is available — for individuals and groups. Please contact me to discuss goals, review experience level and schedule a date. 

Will you come to teach at our range/club/location?

Yes, I am available to teach at another range. Contact me to discuss availability.

Do you give military/law enforcement, first responder discounts?

We do not offer military, law enforcement or first responder discounts. Pricing is very competitive and includes range fees. 

I can’t make it to my scheduled class. Can I reschedule or receive a refund?

All sales are final. 1ST IN does not issue refunds. In the event you are unable to attend a scheduled class, you must provide 48 hours notice and you will receive a credit to reschedule another class at a later date. Credit can be used at any time. review icon

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  • Bill Drill

    One of my go-to drills for practicing pistol hard skills that also has realistic crossover defensive utility. For a full breakdown of hard skill components and the defensive utility, check out the description attached to the video.

  • MXAD Drill -- Carbine

    Working on consistency with the MXAD drill for carbine. Distances are 10 yds and 30 yds. It is one of my favorite drills because of the multitude of hard skills it works and it shines a light on areas that need attention.

  • Retreating Bill Drill

    Follow up to my standard Bill drill video a couple of posts back. Like the standard drill, this is a great addition to hard skill development as well as having defensive utility. Adding layers of complexity like movement, 90°/180° turns, reloads, and malfunctions to tried, and true drills are a great way to improve your overall skill set and keep challenging yourself. Give these a try!

  • Pistol Cold Drill -- Shooting on the move

    What are your on demand capabilities cold? What does your on demand pistol skill set really look like? Are you basing your answers on actual data and consistent performance from the range? Or is it just theory on what you've convinced yourself you can do? If you're carrying concealed every day, this is something you want to be able to answer with confidence. Challenge yourself.

  • USPSA Match

    Ran this USPSA match (Carry Optics Division) from concealment. One of my better stages for the day. Keep learning. Keep getting back up. Get uncomfortable and put yourself out there.

  • Carbine Cold Drill #10

    Carbine cold drills are run completely cold, with no dry runs, no warmups. These are not scenario based or tactics. They are strictly for combining hard skills to test yourself cold. The idea is to push yourself and push the speed and accuracy to see what you're capable of. If you're spending a boatload of time trying to stack rounds and concern yourself only with accuracy, you're missing the point of these drills. These are meant to be run aggressively with urgency.

  • Pistol -- 25 yd aggressive shooting

    Working at 25 with my EDC is a staple because distance doesn't lie. I use USPSA targets but adding in a B8 periodically keeps me honest. Adding in some complexity to draws with 90°/180° turns, movement, use of a timer etc. is a great way to enhance your skill set. This will help push your visual processing speed to a higher level, improve efficiency of movement, refine gun handling and increase your speed so that you start getting rounds on target sooner.

  • Carbine Cold Drill #6

    Cold drills are not tactics. They are a cold pressure test of combined hard skills. They are meant to be run aggressively to mirror real-world urgency. Cold drills should be hit factor scored to push you out of your comfort zone. Don't turn this drill into a slow fire accuracy drill.

  • MXAD Drill -- Pistol

    Working on a drill I've come to really appreciate: the MXAD drill from Matt Pranka It is aggressive and very challenging. It really tests your visual processing, draw, grip, recoil management, and speed. Build consistency and repeatability. I always ask, "Can I do it again, on demand?"

  • USPSA Match

    6th place overall. 3rd place in Carry Optics. Train. Practice. Dry fire. Repeat. This model works.

  • EDC Assessment -- Essential Skill #4

    My intent with creating the EDC Assessment is to give you a guide and to show you how important it is to understand what your true capabilities are through actual data of your performance. And to highlight, in my opinion, a MINIMAL critical skills baseline needed for EDC.

  • Pistol Cold Drill -- Chaos Run

    Cold drills are hard skills focused to test your on demand shooting skill set. They are not tactics. No warmups, no dry draws at all. Just hang the target and run it. A variation of my Chaos Run, one of the movement drills that are run in pistol classes. I decided to add the "no shoot" areas to level up the challenge even further. 18 rds total from 10 to 15 yds.