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Firearms Instructor Features

Like you, we understand the firearms industry and can help make your firearms training business work for you.

How to Use as a Firearms Instructor

You handle the teaching, we’ll handle the rest is a fully automated customer management software website for firearms instructors to run the administrative side of their classes and find students and ranges. It also allows students to find shooting classes and firearms instructors in their area and even allows gun range owners to connect with instructors and students.

Save time and increase class sizes

As a firearms instructor, your time is valuable. Using the platform allows you to take back your time, increase class sizes, improve your bottom line -- and focus on teaching.

Get marketing support provides low-cost administrative management support to firearms instructors. We also provide marketing support and advice for firearms instructors to help bring students to to connect with firearms instructors, both locally and nationwide.

Benefits for instructors of all types

This tool benefits all firearms instructors, from a single-instructor business that operates on a part-time basis, to a full-time business with multiple instructors. It also acts as gun range management software. Are you wondering what your instructor experience will look like once you register? View our instructor welcome guide. has developed a proven model, that when followed allows you to get the most out of our relationship. See our tips for growing your business:

Get your own website URL

As a instructor, you receive your own unique landing page URL. Add your URL to your website, share it with your social media networks, include it on flyers, and more, to bring students to to register for your classes.

Instructors Share Their Experience with

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Among the features available to instructors:

  • Firearms instructor profile & landing page
  • Class rosters
  • Online student sign-up
  • Discount code functionality
  • Access to student profiles
  • Private class scheduling
  • Payment processing
  • Class add-ons & customization
  • Historical class information
  • Personal dashboard
  • Easy class rescheduling
  • Registration log
  • Financial reporting
  • Class calendar
  • Class certificates
  • Archive rosters
  • Searchable by Google
Instructor Features


Read about the full list of features that we can give your firearms instruction business.

Create An Instructor Profile target icon

Are you a gun range owner or a student looking for shooting classes? acts as your personal assistant and provides the following:

Student registration requests 

  • Receive notifications to review students' information, such as background, previous courses and skill level, for approval into your class.

Credit card processing

  • Payment for classes is deposited directly into your bank account upon student approval.

Text messages and email confirmations

  • makes communication easy and sends updates to students about your classes regarding date, location, requirements, and more. 

Registration logs

  • Create a registration log with student details for future reference.

Personal dashboard 

  • Easily add classes to your dashboard calendar and view the number of students registered to date.

Class rosters

  • Generate rosters for classes, containing useful student details, such as emergency contact information.

Financial reporting 

  • Easily track financial information for use with your accountant or other business purposes.