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Reactive Handgun Level I - Force On Force Handgun

Realistic Scenario-Based Training for the Concealed Carrier.

Duration: 2 Hours Classroom, 2 Hours Scenario Room

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Our entry level Handgun force-on-force class. Whether you currently conceal a firearm for protection or plan to in the future, this class is essential for preparing you to use it responsibly and effectively. Immersion in violent situations is the focus of Reactive Handgun and you will come face to face with field-experienced role-players who will present realistic scenarios that Americans face every day.

The WHY: Most people who train with their firearms for protection never do so under stress or with social nuance. Fighting with talking, moving, interactive human beings is an important aspect of training that self-defenders don’t often get to experience. Shooting at static targets also does not allow the shooter to deal with any “social gray area”. Flat-Range shooting is not enough to be prepared!

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Topics Covered

- Drawing From Concealment
- Compressed Shooting Methods
- Requirements for use of Deadly Force (State of VA)
- Cover Vs Concealment
- Aftermath of Shooting (911, Police, Legal)
- Working through social Gray Areas
- When to Flee vs When to Fight
- Basic Deescalation
- Situational Awareness

Questions Answered

1. When can/cant I legally defend myself with my gun?
2. How well do I deal with the stress of violence? (Will I freeze?)
3. How well do I deescalate confrontation?
4. Am I able to identify threats vs. non threats under stress?
5. Can I draw my gun in time?

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will get to experience the social anxiety that can only come with human interaction this course.  Reactive Handgun is THE MISSING LINK in traditional concealed carry training.  It takes what you have been practicing at the range and puts it into practice with real talking, interacting, and fighting roleplayers.  Using our realistic sim guns, students will have to decide when to draw, shoot, run, or talk their way in or out of a fight.  

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Concealed Carry Training, Scenario Based Training, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge)

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Documentation Requirements

No CCW or additional documentation is required to take this class.  

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Due to the sim firearms we are using, students are recommended to bring long-sleeved shirts/jackets and pants.  Simulators shoot a plastic projectile that can leave marks on bare skin and can be felt through clothing.  Protective masks will be provided.  Holsters for the simulator firearms are also provided.  

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