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FIGHT BACK: Women's Self Defense

Basic - Don’t be fooled by the thousands of other self-defense classes for women. This seminar is designed to prepare women to fight a bigger, stronger opponent.

Duration: 4 Hours

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“True Empowerment does not come from just an attitude. It comes from the actions you have proven you are capable of. The most important person you need to prove these to, is yourself.

Pushing unrealistic self-defense techniques that do not account for size, strength, and body structure is not only foolish, but dangerous. Our women’s self defense workshop is designed around the reality of violence against women and focuses on building each student from the ground up. This class is for anyone! You do not need any martial arts or fighting experience to take part in this amazing experience.

Throughout this class, our instructors will help students undergo a ferocious transformation by helping them develop a fighter’s mindset, devastating self-defense techniques, and situational awareness skills. We don’t allow our students to leave with a false sense of security or an ineffective skillset. In the final stages of our workshop, we prove to you that what you have learned will work in the real world by pitting you against real, resisting attackers! Wearing protective suits known as “redman” suits, these role-players will simulate scenarios in which you can safely defend yourself using all of the techniques you have learned without holding back!

Let us help you learn how to fight with YOUR strengths!

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Topics Covered

-  Reality of Self Defense for Women

-  Situational Awareness

-  Simple and Brutal responses to attacks

-  Additional every-day carry items to carry for safety

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students taking Fight Back should expect to walk away with a new mindset on their capabilities.  Not only will you be learning effective and proven fighting techniques, you will be actively trying them on our roleplayers who will simulate attacks.  Your level of confidence WILL raise exponentially and better prepare you for the real world.  We are all too busy to be living in the fear of the unknown.  Find out what you are capable of!

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Basic, Combatives / Less Lethal, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures, Women's Only Courses

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Documentation Requirements


The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Athletic Clothing, positive mental attitude, fighting spirit.

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