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De-Escalation and Crisis Management

Basic - Identify, assess, and de-escalate potential confrontations before they reach a kinetic solution. It is the first “buffer” against having to use force to resolve a conflict.

Duration: 6 hours



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Most violent confrontations can be avoided all together using a dynamic set of skills that fall under the term “de-escalation”. These involve using a mixture of critical thinking, empathy, and communication skills to phytologically impact a subject and encourage a peaceful resolution. This class makes force-multipliers out of students, arming them to find peaceful resolutions in the office, on the road, at home, and on the streets. It is an essential skill for Law Enforcement, Security, Leaders, Management Staff, and Being a More Formidable Human Being.

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Topics Covered

- Multiple Environments
- Cost of Violence
- How to connect with a subject
- How to redirect the intentions of a subject
- Situational Awareness
- Body Posturing
- Threat Cues

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will be taught to use a unique blend of situational awareness and communication skills that exceed most local and federal law enforcement standards. Techniques on redirecting, connecting, and finding resolutions will be presented before the students participate in a hands-on practical. Role-players will then present situations in which the students must actually de-escalate and find a non-violent solution to.

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Basic, Combatives / Less Lethal, Scenario Based Training, Specialty Other

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